India’s 3G auction postponed again for unclear reasons

India’s much awaited 3G spectrum license auction has already been postponed before, and now it has been postponed yet again, for reasons that remain unclear. The country’s Department of Telecommunications can only say on their web site that the new auction dates will be announced soon.

Why the auction date was pushed back once again isn’t certain. Though, this doesn’t look like it’s the same “give potential bidders more time to study bid documents and rules for the auction,” as it was with the last postponement.

“Informed sources” infer that the current delay is due to disagreement between India’s Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology with regards to the auction’s floor price. The Ministry of Finance demands a higher floor price, while the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology feels that it shouldn’t be so in order to attract bidders.

Eager 3G wireless users will just have to wait until this disagreement is settled, then.

Via PC World

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