Moto Shows its Green Side with Renew

One of the underlying themes that kept popping up at CES 2009 was environmental technology. What was each company doing to help the environment? Motorola was no exception, showing off a rather large display featuring the Renew, a simple candybar made entirely of recycled products.

The Renew is expected to hit T-Mobile stores sometime this quarter, presumably next month. From what I could see, the Renew is a basic phone without too much pomp and circumstance. The OS is reminiscent of what we would see on Motorolas about 3 years ago, but the point of this phone wasn’t to be state of the art; rather, the point was to make a statement that we can have a green lifestyle even with our phones.

Personally, this is a great beginning for the Green Phone movement. Let’s make sure that the trend continues and will work into getting better and better specs. We applaud Motorola’s effort, and hope it’s successful enough to translate into green smartphones in the next couple years.

I asked the Motorola representative how robust a recycled phone could be, and he was quite confident in its ability to hold itself together well over the two years of the contract.

Here, have some pictures to look at. Pretty nice fit in the hands, but it was difficult finding nice things to say when the previous phone I had handled was the $2,000 Aura.

Author: Brad Molen

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