PowerMat Brings Wireless Charging to Your Phone

I arrived at Powermat’s booth at CES 2009 with a feeling of curiosity. All I found was a large blocked-off room and security as tight as the hottest clubs in Vegas. What was so important, I wondered, that would make Powermat feel so cocky about their product? Most booths at CES were completely open and had nothing to hide.

Later I discovered that Powermat just preferred to show off their new technology a few people at a time, without a crowd of eager tech press fighting their way in closer to the presentation.

Many members of the press who had an appointment were let in, and I patiently waited my turn. To be honest, it was worth the wait. Powermat is the latest offering in the field of wireless charging, and is the most convincing I’ve seen thus far.

Powermat showed off several different methods of utilizing their wireless charging — the most popular was a pad large enough to fit 3 devices on; one device was a Blackberry, which sported a case with the technology built-in, another was a place to charge batteries, and finally an iPod docking station that was placed on the pad wirelessly to charge the device.

The blue lights you see on the front show that each device is being charged. I was impressed that the Powermat instinctively knows when your device has been fully charged and will automatically stop charging.

On this particular pad I found devices you would typically see on the endtable next to your bed; phone, bluetooth, and alarm clock, all being charged wirelessly as you sleep. In the middle you notice a Plantronics Bluetooth earpiece being charged up courtesy of a circular device — that device is capable of sporting several different types of tips, for any type of electronic device that just simply won’t fit on the pad.

Not pictured, I also noticed a travel pad which was easy to fold up into a small package, perfect for suitcases; I also saw a pad that charged a laptop as well as a phone.

Powermat plans on mass producing and selling these products sometime Fall 2009.

Sarah at the Powermat booth was nice enough to take me into a separate room which showed the company’s newest innovation; a home complete with tables, desks, and walls with the wireless charging built-in. She showed me picture frames lighting up the paintings without any wires; same with TVs mounted on the wall. She demonstrated a wireless mixer working on the countertop.

She also took other wireless kitchen appliances and dropped them in water — and they still worked.

Needless to say, this technology will take a while to become popular. It is mainly between Powermat and various furniture/countertop manufacturers to agree on getting the tech built in. But we are anxious to see what comes out this fall. Keep a close eye on Powermat. They will continue to keep me curious.

Author: Brad Molen

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