Dell could launch its own smartphone soon

Following the announcement of Palm’s power-packed Pre smartphone at CES, rumors about Dell’s impending launch of its own smartphone were sparked. This comes mostly from the fact that it’s been about two years since Dell hired the Motorola exec known as the force behind the RAZR phone, Ron Garriques.

Analysts pin either the 3GSM or the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona as the place where Dell would most likely announce its smartphone plans. The smartphone market is getting crowded really fast, and Dell’s entry will most certainly not be a walk in the park.

As for Dell’s smartphone OS pick, it would likely be Windows Mobile, because of the huge ties it’s got with Microsoft in the PC business. The open-source Android OS would also be a good choice, but hints say that is highly unlikely.

And while that OS is one very important thing, the device’s design will also be crucial to its success. The iPhone is very popular, as it is functional as it is sexy. So is the recently launched Palm Pre. Dell will have to think about making those two products look badly designed compared to its own smartphone to get any attention these days, at the very least.

Via Wired

Author: David Gonzales

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