Employee steals Sony Ericsson phone prototypes, gets caught before unveiling them

Sony Ericsson’s security policies may be very strict, but that didn’t stop an employee of the company from stealing several phone prototypes from its Lund headquarters.  

The stolen handsets, said to be valuing around 750,000 SEK (about $89,000), were found by the police in the employee’s house.

Apparently, they were returned to SE’s labs before the stealer had the chance to show them to anyone. So if you expect some leaked photos, you won’t see them. Not for now, at least.

Gustav Brusewitz from Sony Ericsson confirmed the fact that the prototypes were stolen and returned, but gave no further details regarding the phones.

(this here is the Sony Ericsson Greenheart concept and has nothing to do with the stolen phones)

The only thing I can say now is that I hope those prototypes will turn into awesome devices :)

Source: IDG.se via USEB 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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