Sony Ericsson PlayNow Kiosk launched for Pacific Asia

In a move that should attract more customers on its side, Sony Ericsson has just launched a new mobile download service for Asia Pacific.

The service is called PlayNow Kiosk and it allows owners of Sony Ericsson phones to download movies, games, music and ringtones – all for free, apparently.

The only limitation is that you can’t download content from home. Instead, you have to visit a Sony Ericsson retail store and make use of a special “station” where you plug in your phone in order to start downloading. 

For the beginning, PlayNow Kiosk will be available in more than 80 SE retail stores in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


Now word yet about the release of the new service in other areas, but I think Sony Ericsson’s fans from Europe and the Americas would want to try this out.

Via Yahoo Tech

Author: Ilinca Nita

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