Sony Ericsson wants to equip cameraphones with built-in image dictionaries

In the future, people will be able to point their cameras to foreign objects, and after snapping a photo, gather relevant information about that object such as its name, origin, et cetera effortlessly.

It seems like a given for this kind of camera feature to be present in one way or another in cameras of the future. But is anyone actively working on it? Sony Ericsson is, and as proof it has applied for a patent for a “CAMERA DICTIONARY BASED ON OBJECT RECOGNITION.”

This handy feature, according to Sony Ericsson’s patent, should work just as anyone would imagine. A user will capture an image of a so-called “target object” with a camera, and software will perform object recognition to produce a corresponding text string that will be displayed on the screen.

Alternatively, the text string (which is in effect the object’s name) can also be stored directly instead of displayed. A list of user-selectable languages will also be provided for users who use languages other than English. Coupled with GPS geotagging, this would give users yet another way to fill their digital snaps with information that would further let them cherish their memories in more detail.

It may still take a long time until we see this feature in cameraphones, however. But we expect Sony Ericsson to announce it once they are ready.

Author: David Gonzales

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