Barack Obama phone launched – not in the US, but in Kenya

The first ever Obama-branded mobile phone is called Mi-Obama and it was recently launched, not in the US, how people would’ve expected, but in Kenya – the country where Obama’s father was born.  

Mi-Obama is produced and sold by Mi-Fone, a company that you’ve probably never heard of. That’s because it’s only present in some Asian and African markets.

The phone is a candybar that has “Omaba” written on the back case, as well as the US Presitdent’s famous “Yes we can”. Apparently, the reason behind its launch is the fact that the new President of the USA will visit Kenya sometime in the future.    

As for the specs of Mi-Obama, these are the ones of an entry-level device, including a 128 x 128 pixels display, FM radio and a Led torchlight.  


If you’re in Kenya, you can find the Mi-Obama via the following retail stores: Xpress@ Nakumatt, Phonelink and Tuskys. Its price is of only $30.

If you’re not on Kenya, you’ll probably never find the phone :)

Source: Mi-Fone via Cellular-News  

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Josiah

    I'm in Kenya – perhaps i'll go have a look :)

  • Josiah

    I'm in Kenya – perhaps i'll go have a look :)

  • fcbrkobma

    this phone is shit like barack obama