Kogan Agora is “delayed indefinitely” – QVGA resolution too small for Android?

After Kogan Agora’s official announcement, many Australian mobile users were happy, thinking that they would have the chance to buy the world’s second Android smartphone at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, the Agora will not be available too soon, although Kogan initially said the handset would ship starting January 29 2009.

The Australian company now says that the Android smartphone “has to be delayed indefinitely”. The main reason for this is Agora’s screen resolution: 240 x 320 pixels, which, apparently, isn’t compatible with some Android applications.


In consequence, Kogan will try to re-make the smartphone, but there’s no word on when they intend to finish and finally release it.

Well, at least we know that the handset will have a bigger screen.

Those who pre-ordered the smartphone, thus paying without getting it, will receive their money back, Kogan said.

Source: Kogan via Android Authority 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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