Nokia N79 Eco ships without a charger in Petrol Black

Hot on the heels of the Nokia N79 Active comes the Nokia N79 Eco, something that looks to be exactly like any other Nokia N79 package except for one thing: it ships without a charger.

This is reportedly done for the benefit of the WWF (£4 is donated to the WWF with each Nokia N79 Eco purchase) and in order to save on energy and waste. And for further savings it also ships in a smaller box compared to normal Nokia N79 retail packages.

Interestingly enough, the Nokia N79 Eco costs just about the same as normal Nokia N79 retail packages at £319 or about $467. But for those who are just upgrading from older Nokia phones, the lack of a charger probably won’t matter, even at a price like that. Heck, some people might even afford to lose the user manual and box, and it would still be alright.

In any case, it’s for a good cause, and one that I’m sure many will be glad to support.

Nokia UK via All About Symbian

Author: David Gonzales

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