T-Mobile G1 hits new markets in the next few weeks: Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland

T-Mobile G1, the only Android smartphone released until now, is finally making its way to more customers, after being available, for several months, only in the US and the UK.

T-Mobile announced that, starting January 30 2009, the G1 will be launched in Austria, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.

Also, Germany should get the smartphone on February 2, while later that month, the much-discussed device will reach Poland.    


There’s no word yet on the price the handset will have in said countries, but it’s worth mentioning that T-Mobile UK offers it for only 1 GBP, with certain (expensive) data plans and a 2-yr contract agreement. 

Most probably, the G1 will be available across Europe in all of its color versions: black, white and bronze.

Source: Reuters

Author: Ilinca Nita

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    What is Android?

    Android is software for mobile devices that includes an operating system and key applications. Google developed Android to work in combination with Google services, such as Gmail, and provide an enjoyable mobile Internet. Android is also open source, meaning that anyone can create programs for it and distribute them. Customers can download or purchase some of these applications from Android Market.


    Note: The T-Mobile G1 is also compatible with the EDGE data network. For information on how the device performs, please see T-Mobile G1 on the EDGE network
    Amazon music downloads (DRM-free)
    Android Marketplace, to download free or purchase applications for the device
    Customizable Home screen
    GPS integrated with Google Maps
    Memory card included for 1 GB, and supports up to 8 GB (microSD)
    QWERTY keyboard and trackball
    Synchronize to Google applications (iGoogle, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Talk)
    Touch screen
    Web browser supporting HTML
    Wi-Fi Internet