CDMA Palm Treo Pro now available from Sprint

It was no secret that Palm Treo Pro would be released by Sprint at the beginning of this year, and now the day has come: the smartphone’s CDMA version is finally launched.

Sprint is selling the handset as “Treo Pro by Palm”, for $249.99. Obviously, to get it at this price, you have to sign a contract agreement for two years and to qualify for a mail-in rebate by choosing one of the following: an Everything plan, a PRO Pack add-on or a Data Premier add-on. Otherwise, the handset costs $549.99.  

The Treo Pro from Sprint looks identical to the unlocked GSM Treo Pro, which has been available in the US since last year.


Feature-wise, you’ll get the same 320 x 320 pixels touchscreen display, Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, Wi-Fi and so on. Oh, and it looks like the processor of Sprint’s Treo Pro runs at 528 MHz – a welcomed upgrade from the 400 MHz CPU that powers the GSM version of the device.

You can buy a Palm Treo Pro from Sprint right away, just by visitng the carrier’s official website. Or you could wait for the Palm Pre to become available, in case Windows Mobile isn’t your cup of tea :)  

Update: Well, Sprint has just removed the Treo Pro from its website. Guess it will reappear pretty soon. 

Via WMExperts   

Author: Ilinca Nita

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