Samsung almost confirms an Android smartphone for the first half of this year

Samsung’s first handset to run on Google’s Android platform might be closer than we think.

While until now there have been reports saying the South Korean manufacturer intends to launch an Android smartphone sometime in the third quarter of 2009, it looks like this will happen sooner, namely before mid-2009.  

PC World quotes Chi Young Cho, Samsung’s head of digital media and communications unit, who says that, in the first half of 2009, the company’s smartphones will come with “various OSes to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.” 

Sure, there’s no word ‘bout Android in there, but it’s very likely that Mr. Young Cho had Google’s platform in mind when mentioning those various OSes.


Apart from talking about smartphones, Samsung’s official also said that their touchscreen phones scheduled for H1 2009 will come with upgraded functions (including the UI).

Well, Sammy, we’re waiting to see what’s cooking there in those Korean labs of yours.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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