Sony Ericsson F305 Hello Kitty Edition – every little girl’s dream?

Sony Ericsson F305 was seen, right from the beginning, as a phone for teens and preteens. So I guess SE couldn’t have thought about a better special edition for it than a Hello Kitty one.

Of course, the Sony Ericsson F305 Hello Kitty Edition will lure much more preteen and teen girls rather than boys, but that’s probably its purpose anyway.    

It’s not clear yet what’s the special stuff the Hello Kitty edition of the phone offers – save for the cutely-painted case, which, in the end, should be enough for real fans.


According to Mobile-review, the Hello Kitty F305 will be soon released in Russia, for a price that’s not known for the moment. It might be outed in other European countries too, but there are no clear details about this yet.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • sefanboy

    What? gaming phone for the girls?
    I don't think many girls will interested with gaming phone…

  • ganesh

    this battery was not good.

  • waderx

    What a racket…. Now each child in the family will want their own Hello Kitty phone. I notice that it even has a camera… Life surely was more simple in the land line days…

  • rachelgrace

    i like the new edition of Sony Ericsson F305 Hello Kitty… i like it so much but i thinking that F305 is so expensive i can buy that… how much the F305 in philipines?

  • KeithLBrown

    In addition to cat trees, there are also a lot of diamond kitty other cat furniture choices available that are perfect for if you have a rambunctious feline

  • deborah

    je reve de l'avoir c Hello Kitty.

  • deborah

    je reve de l'avoir c Hello Kitty.