Sprint’s Treo Pro shows up at Best Buy for a whopping $699.99

Sprint’s CDMA Palm Treo Pro is not yet released, although the smartphone appeared, last week, as being available for purchase.  

Sprint said the handset appeared before its time, by mistake, and gave no further details about when exactly customers will be able to buy it.

So you might be happy to find out that Best Buy has just added the Treo Pro for Sprint to its line-up of products.

The retailer says the device can reach you in maximum two weeks, but for that you have to pay the no-contract price of $699.99.



That’s funny, because on Sprint’s website, the Treo Pro appeared as costing only $549.99 when bought free of any agreement. So if you want to get the handset from Best Buy, you’ll actually be experiencing a worst buy

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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