Exclusive LG Cookie KP501 outed by Orange UK in pink and silver

LG Cookie, one of the world’s most affordable touchscreen handsets, was released today by Orange UK in a new, exclusive version.

The version is called LG Cookie KP501 (while the original  is KP500) and it comes in two colors, silver and pink, the latter being just perfect for Valentine’s Day.  

Oranges offers the new handset for £99.99 on pay as you go, or for free, if you’re willing to pay £15 per month during a two-year contract.


Design-wise, the KP501 looks a bit different than its KP500 brother, due to the fact that its call and end call keys are a bit thinner. Otherwise, the phones are basically the same, so buyers will get features like a 240 x 400 pixels display, accelerometer, a 3.2MP camera and so on.

LG Cookie KP501 is available for purchase right away, either online or in Orange UK’s retail shops. 

Via Pocket-lint

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • paypa$$

    hw mch d these things cost?

  • mii name dont matter

    £99.00 frm orange and free if ur takin out a contract

  • lynzii

    i would love to have this beautiful mobile phone.

  • abcyesn

    The bottom line is that the KP500 is certainly no iPhone, but if a touchscreen is top of your feature list, it offers a relatively competent experience. There’s an on-screen Qwerty keypad, handwriting recognition and an automatically rotating screen — nothing revolutionary, but more than you get on most pay as you go phones. Click on the next page for more info and pictures.
    Share your opinions with the cookie users http://www.LG-Cookie.com that’s where i hangout.

  • chloetyler

    i think the LG cookie is very usefull in lots of difrent ways.

  • chloetyler

    i think the LG cookie is very usefull in lots of difrent ways.