Nokia teases with funny Audio Smileys

Nokia isn’t exactly the first company that comes in mind when you’re thinking about funny mobile software, yet the Finns have just came up with Audio Smileys – a beta application that, simply put, plays funny sounds.

Although its target is represented by youngsters, Nokia says that adults can use Audio Smileys too, “for fooling around with friends, or pulling pranks at co-workers.”

Sounds are played by simply pressing any number key (from 1 to 9) after the app is launched. You can even make your own sounds, via the audio smiley editor included in the application.


Audio Smileys is said to work on any non-touchscreen S60 or S40 Nokia phone, as long as it has a traditional alphanumeric keypad and Java CLDC-1.1 / MIDP-2.0. Note that, being a beta application, some bugs and issues do exist.

If you want to download the new and apparently funny Nokia app, just hit this link.  

Here’s a video with Audio Smileys in action:

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

Author: Ilinca Nita

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