Samsung Propel Pro to hit AT&T sometime soon

AT&T’s Samsung Propel may be a freshly-released handset, but that doesn’t mean the blue and white carrier can’t think of a successor for it.

Successor which is apparently called Samsung Propel Pro. And since the device has such a moniker, it’s only natural for it to come with more features than the original Propel.

Sadly, details about those features are scant.

However, BGR says that the Propel Pro is a 3G smartphone running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard and bringing an optical joystick. Plus, of course, a sliding QWERTY keyboard.



If the new Propel also has a good photo camera and, maybe, Wi-Fi too, then it will surely look attractive to many of AT&T’s customers.

Now let’s hope it won’t be long until the smartphone gets to be officially presented.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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