Virgin Mobile will launch the Ocean 2 with Britney Spears

Earlier today, when I saw the title of Virgin Mobile’s latest press release, I said “meh” and moved on – the title speaks about Britney Spears and its Circus tour that’s sponsored by VM. Yeah, so what?

Well, it turns out that the press release has a hidden gem in it.

More exactly, Virgin Mobile unveils precious details about the Helio Ocean 2. The MVNO intends to finally release it during Britney Spears’ tour – probably  sometime in March, since the tour debuts at the beginning of the month. 

Virgin says that select fans will receive Ocean 2 handsets to “chronicle” a private show that’s apparently planned for its release. Said fans will be able to “blog, IM, email, post to social networking sites and send photos” with the new Ocean.


Official price, pics and specs of the device are still missing, but they should be out son. And we’ll be here to reveal them to you. 

Source: Virgin Mobile 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • mlgreen8753

    Britney Spears is pretty busy these days. Reminds me of back when she was doing Pepsi advertisements. Now that was big time stuff.