Samsung to present the world’s first 12MP phone at MWC 2009

Samsung was the first manufacturer to release an 8MP camera phone (the Innov8, outed one month before Sony Ericsson’s C905), and it looks like it will also be the first to announce and launch a 12MP handset.

Telecoms Korea says that, according to another Korean publication, the world’s first 12 Megapixel camera phone will be unveiled by Samsung at MWC 2009, thus in about two weeks from now.

Details about the phone are basically inexistent, but it’s said that Samsung plans to begin mass production before the end of February, with the intention of releasing it in Europe first.


(this above is the Innov8, slightly photoshopped)

It will be interesting to see if the handset has a touchscreen or a regular display, as well as if it’s a smartphone or just a “dumb phone”.

Previous reports said that Samsung also wants to produce an 8MP phone with 3x optical zoom. So we might see that at MWC 2009 too, alongside the 12MP handset.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • John Doe

    Forget the fact that you'll use 25% of the available battery reserve with each shot you take. 🙂

  • Jason Sares

    I have the N82 and a can take 100s of pics with the flash without draining the battery.

  • Lars Clausen

    And are they going to be in any way better than 8 MP or 4 MP images with the same sensor size? I think not. A waste of good bytes.

  • Gadgets

    this is fake
    it's INNOVO 8

  • Ilinca

    That is a photoshopped Samsung Innov8, yes, it's written just below it. So your comment doesn't really make sense.

  • cool986
  • cc163
  • sivalalp

    I like this mobile phone.Iwould like to Purchase one

  • sivalalp

    I like this mobile phone.Iwould like to Purchase one