Sony Ericsson Gaming Phones Debut at Carphone Warehouse

If you’re looking for a phone that’s specifically made to include a lot of games, now is the time to buy. Carphone Warehouse announced that two exclusive gaming phones will be going on sale starting today.

CPW is planning on selling theW910 Exclusive Gaming Edition and motion-sensitive F305. The W910 comes pre-loaded with such games as Tomb Raider, Tiger Woods Golf, FIFA Manager and SIM City Metropolis.

The F305 will actually come with around 50 games, mostly utilizing the motion-sensitive technology present in the phone. These games will include fishing, bowling and riding. This phone will also include a wrist strap (we presume similar to that on the Wiimote).


The W910i will be available for £97.82 ($140 US) on pay as you go while the F305 will be £69.99 ($100 US). So far these phones are exclusive to Carphone Warehouse, so we cannot estimate when we can expect to see them globally.

via Pocket-Lint

Author: Brad Molen

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