Pantech Sky Wind with Emotion Engine is blow-controlled

Pantech may not be among the world’s major players in the mobile industry, but it’s surely a company that wants to bring innovative products.

The South Korean manufacturer has recently announced a new phone, Pantech Sky Wind IM-S410K, which can be controlled if you simply blow at it. This can be done thanks to the so-called Emotion Engine (developed by Fantalog Interactive) – a software that allows the handset’s microphone to recognize various kinds of blows.

So you can basically use blows in order to switch wallpapers, adjust brightness, and even take photos, all without touching any of the phone’s buttons. 


The Sky Wind also has some sort of accelerometer, as well as a camera that can detect movement. Other than that, the phone’s specs are unknown.


The price of Pantech IM-S410K was not unveiled. The handset should be available in the second half of February, and it will most probably be a Korea-exclusive product.

Source:  CNET Asia

Author: Ilinca Nita

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