Mobile phone market declined by almost 13% in Q4 2008

Usually, a year’s fourth quarter is the one when mobile phone manufacturers register the highest number of sales. That’s not the case with Q4 2008, when the global mobile phone market fell 12.6 percent when compared to the same period of 2007.

Well, that’s actually not a surprise, given the current economic situation around the world.

IDC reports that, during the last quarter of 2008, there were 289 million handsets shipped worldwide, while in Q4 2007 there were 330.8 million units sold.   

Despite this, the whole 2008 brought a 3.5% increase, with a total of 1.180 million (1.18 billion) phones outed by handset manufacturers.


To sum it up, here are the complete numbers and percentages related to mobile sales in Q4 2008:

  • Nokia: 113.1 million units shipped, 39.1% market share
  • Samsung: 52.8 million units, 18.3% market share
  • LG: 25.7 million units, 8.9% market share
  • Sony Ericsson: 24.2 million units, 8.4% market share
  • Motorola: 19.2 million units, 6.6% market share
  • Others (including HTC, RIM, Apple etc): 54.0 million units, 18.7% market share

Expectations for 2009 are somewhat bleak, manufacturers believing that it might even be a tougher year than 2008.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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