Mozilla phone concept – a BlackBerry with OLED keys

Ever wondered how would a Mozilla phone look like? If you have, a possible answer to this question can be seen below. 

The Mozilla phone that we see here is a concept designed by Billy May. It’s created by mixing the old BlackBerry 7130 with an Optimus keyboard, thus it’s not exactly the pretties handset around.

However, it is, definitely, an interesting concept. In the creator’s vision, the Mozilla phone should come with a set of OLED keys, which can change their appearance and usability according to your needs. For example, now you have a SureType QWERTY keyboard, and the next minute you have shortcut keys for the websites and web-services you use the most.   




So it’s kind of like an open-source phone that can be adjusted by users themselves.

The question is: would Mozilla really want to be involved in developing such a handset?

Source: Mozphone via Yanko Design

Author: Ilinca Nita

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