Amazon to Bring Kindle Books to Your Phone

Do you love the idea of reading books on your phone and hate the idea of spending loads of cash on a Kindle? Soon, Amazon hopes to bring you the best of both worlds.

Amazon, which is already expected to expand its Kindle brand to a new model sometime soon, has just made known its intent to also bring Kindle books to the mobile phone world.

The company has not announced which phones the Kindle collection will be offered on, and we are eager to hear. Frankly, we anticipate the iPhone to be one of the first phones since firstly Amazon already has an app available on the App Store, and secondly because of the popularity of iPhone e-book readers. It would be the perfect market to test out.


The only known fact at this point is that Amazon is planning on bringing the Kindle book collection to phones. Of course, we will be on top of this story and bring you the latest updates.

Question for the comments: When this is offered on your phone, will you be stepping up to purchase Kindle books?

via Register Hardware UK

Author: Brad Molen

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