Samsung Leaks Continue: M7600 Revealed

Samsung is leaking more than a broken faucet. In the latest episode of a constantly streaming series of leaked photos, the Helio-esque M7600 has been revealed.

We expect this series of leaks can be connected to the upcoming MWC 2009. If so, we are all in for quite a treat, as this would mean several Samsung phones are coming to say hello.

In this particular phone, we find many similarities to the Helio Ocean phones in appearance. Under the hood, it is rumored to include 3 MP camera, 2.8″ OLED touchscreen, GPS, HSDPA, Bang & Olufson sound, and the ability to DJ (complete with scratching as well as adding effects).


DailyMobile reports the Samsung M7600 will come out in May 2009.



Let us know what you think. It certainly shows promise, but it’s hard to respect a 3 MP camera after seeing the latest phone leaks out there (read: Samsung Acme).

via DailyMobile via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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