Samsung Eltz S7220 and Samsung Marcel in the wild

We’ve just got word about yet another two new Samsung handsets that are said to be readied for a showcase at MWC 2009 (thus in one week from now): Samsung Eltz S7220 and Samsung Marcel.

Neither of them are high end (like the S8300 Ultra Touch, for example), although the Eltz S7220 does come close to what you’d call an advanced device.

Unfortunately, the S7220 has a candybar design that’s simply boring – or at least that’s what the available images lead us to think.

And speaking of images, here they are, in all their blurriness: 



The rumored specs and features of Samsung Eltz S7220 include:

  • A 2.4 inch AMOLED display
  • A-GPS
  • Music player
  • A 5MP camera
  • Expandable memory 

Samsung Marcel (pictured below) is a thin slider that has a 2.2 inch screen and a 2MP camera.


It should come as a successor of the J700 model.

No other details for the moment, but we’ll probably know all there is to know at MWC 2009, so stick around.

Source:  Leaked Mobile Phones

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Samsung Eltz 7220 Fan

    I have some clearer images on my site if you'd like to take a look

  • Gale Mayer

    Samsung makes pretty slide phones. The Samsung J700 looks great too.