Samsung revamps its TouchWiz UI

The same day when it officially unveiled the 8MP S8300 slider, Samsung has also announced that its TouchWiz user interface has been upgraded to include some new features and improvements.

As expected, the revamped TouchWiz UI will be fully presented at MWC 2009, on the already mentioned S8300 and, probably, on some other new phones too.

But until then let’s see what are the novelties the fresh TouchWiz comes with.

The most important one seems to be the full 3D implementation (including 3D transition effects), which should make the UI comparable with HTC’s TouchFlo 3D. Other than that, Samsung has also enhanced the functionality of widgets, added some voice-related features, and improved the photo integration.



According to Samsung, there are more than 1 million TouchWiz phones around the world, and, most probably, there will be much more from now on.

Source: Press release (in Korean)

Author: Ilinca Nita

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