Samsung Instinct Mini, HTC Cedar, LG Rumor 2 and LG LX370 to hit Sprint

While waiting for the Palm Pre to be released, Sprint’s customers might want to find out what other devices their carrier plans to offer in the near future.

And since the Palm Treo Pro seems to be delayed until who knows when, maybe an LG Rumor 2 can catch your attention. That’s right, Sprint is getting ready to replace the popular QWERTY-featured Rumor with a new-generation device.

According to Boy Genius Report, the Rumor 2 might be outed as soon as mid-March, but for the moment there are absolutely no clear details about this. 

Another upcoming Sprint handset is said to be Samsung Instinct Mini. As its name suggests, the Instinct Mini will be smaller (and apparently also thinner) than the original Instinct.


The Instinct Mini is scheduled for an April 19 launch, coming in graphite or copper and offering only EVDO Rev 0 connectivity. 
Shortly after the dwarfed Instinct, an LG LX370 might appear on Sprint too. This is a mid-end slider that – according to the info found at FCC – comes with A-GPS, Bluetooth and Music player.

And finally, slated for a June release, is HTC Cedar. This is a smartphone that has a full QWERTY keyboard and could run on Android.

Well, that’s it for the Sprint-related rumors, we’ll bring more details about the above-mentioned handsets as soon as they emerge.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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