Palm to kill PalmOS and focus on webOS, Windows Mobile

With the new Pre smartphone and the equally-new webOS platform, both announced by Palm at the beginning of January, many have wondered what would happen with the PalmOS platform. 

Well, there will be no more PalmOS, at least not on new Palm devices.

According to PreCentral, Palm’s Ed Colligan has just stated that the Sunnyvale company will no longer release devices based on PalmOS – save for the rather outdated Centro, which will be launched by new carriers during 2009.

In return, Palm will focus on Windows Mobile and webOS, the latter platform being the one that powers the well-received Palm Pre.


And speaking of the Pre, the handset is said to reach Canada, Latin America and Europe sometime in the future. Of course, as already known, the Pre will be first outed exclusively by Sprint, in the US (with the possibility for other US carriers to release it, but only starting 2010).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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