Affordable Eee Phone to come under the Garmin-Asus brand

Asus has already confirmed the upcoming release of at least one Eee Phone. But now, after the Taiwanese company and Garmin formed the Garmin-Asus joint venture, things look a bit different.

More exactly, the first Eee Phone will come under the Garmin-Asus brand, and not under the Asus one, meaning that it might feature some advanced navigation capabilities (after all, Garmin is an expert when it comes to navigation-related technology).

PC World has it that an Asus rep confirmed the release of an Eee Phone for “later this year”. Unfortunately, the handset will not be announced during MWC 2009, at the same time with nuvifone G60 and nuvifone M20, so we’ll have to wait a bit more until we get the chance to see what it is all about.


It’s said that the Eee Phone will be outed as an affordable mobile solution – thus staying true to the Eee brand. The device might run on Google’s Android, as rumored before, but until this fact is officially confirmed, we’d better not put our hopes in it.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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