Contacts on OVI loses 3 weeks of user data. All your profile, image and friendship updates gone since Jan. 23d

There’s something to be said when using various services in “beta” mode. And that is no promise of reliability. The service can crash, data can be lost and various bugs may disrupt the operation.

Well Nokia just confirmed this with their Contacts on Ovi (former Nokia Chat) service. All the updates to profile details, images and  friendships that you made since Jan. 23d,  are now gone and most probably won’t be restored.

Nokia says that the cooler broke down in their hosting center, that caused the service interruption for several hours yesterday. Also their database broke down and they were not able to restore it, despite making regular backups.

So Nokia had to use the backup of the database from the old hosting center, created on Jan. 23d. Which is probably the last backup performed on the old Nokia Chat beta service prior to it’s Contacts on Ovi migration.


Well, there is one silver lining here. It’s good that this happened only 3 weeks into the new service operation. It’s clear that Contacts on OVI had some seriously flawed backup process, which, I hope will be corrected now.

Imagine that this cooler broke  down 3 months or a year from now, and all Nokia had was a backup-copy from Jan. 23?

Via Nokia Beta Labs

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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