Symbian Foundation welcomes 14 new members – HP, MySpace and Qualcomm included

Nokia’s Symbian Foundation has just got bigger than Google’s Open Handset Alliance, with today’s addition of no less than 14 new members.

Among the most important ones, we must mention HP, Qualcomm, MySpace and SanDisk – which are not only important names in their domain of activity, but also globally-recognized brands.

The other 10 companies that announce their endorsement for the Symbian Foundation are: Atelier, Bank of America, Imagination Technologies, Gemalto, Omron Software, Mobica, Nanoradio, SiRF Technology, SESCA and VirtualLogix.


The new names come to join companies like Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, AT&T and Vodafone, raising the total number of Symbian Foundation members to 78.  

Led by Nokia, the Symbian Foundation intends to release an open source Symbian platform that should be available for end users sometime in 2010. 

Source: Reuters

Author: Ilinca Nita

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