Sony Ericsson Reese leaked: swiveling QWERTY handset

Here’s a Sony Ericsson phone that definitely looks unique (at least when compared to the other SE devices): Sony Ericsson Reese.

Now, Reese seems to be only a codename, so the phone’s real moniker will probably be different.

Anyway, the handset has just appeared over at the Esato forums, in what looks like a SE promo flyer. Unfortunately, there are little details about it, and the available image doesn’t let us check it out the way we’d want to.

Reading the text on the flyer, it’s obvious that Reese is a device targeted at young mobile users:

“The new Reese from Sony Ericsson. A unique swivel design reveals a QWERTY keypad below the large portrait screen which allows you to view several messages of any kind in high definition. It also comes with one-click access to your favourite networking sites. So now it’s never been easier to keep up with your mates.”



What’s interesting is that, when the QWERTY keyboard is unveiled, the display stays in a vertical position – I don’t think I’ve seen this in any other mobile phone until now. 

Reese might run on Android, Windows Mobile, or just on the same platform as Sony Ericsson C905; things aren’t too clear about this at the moment.

It’s said that the new handset won’t make an appearance at MWC 2009 (where we should see Hikaru in action), but, if it will, we’ll be there to bring you more info about it.


Author: Ilinca Nita

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