Lenovo’s Constant Connect Brings Blackberry to PC

Here’s a new concept that is definitely worth exploring, and Lenovo was the first explorer on the scene. What if you could get all of your Blackberry email automatically pushed into your Thinkpad laptop, without having to do anything? Even if the laptop is turned off?

It looks like that’s becoming a reality. Lenovo has created a new ExpressCard that enables you to do just that — use bluetooth connectibility to pull your current inbox so it is visible on your laptop virtually anytime you need it.

The card will work with Exchange, Outlook, POP and Gmail, with Lotus Notes support coming in second half 2009. In North America the cards will be available in Q2 for $150, with the rest of the world getting the cards in 2H 2009.


This service is called Constant Connect. These cards have bluetooth built-in and 500 MB of internal storage, which is what enables the cards to receive new emails from your Crackberry while the laptop is turned off.

Let us know — how practical is this concept? I definitely see how this may come in handy for toting around blackberrys alongside their laptops and want to have their email on both, and send emails from both devices as though they were one. Beyond that, is there any practical use in this for you?

via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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