Microsoft Announces MyPhone Service

Microsoft really came through big-time this year for MWC. Quite a few new products and services (WinMo 6.5 anyone?) have been outed and officially announced, including Microsoft’s answer to Apple MobileMe, called MyPhone.

Currently, MyPhone is in beta mode and you can sign up for the wait list, and hopefully will not have to wait very long to get invited.

MyPhone is a backup sync service that can be installed on any Windows Mobile phone. It can back up most information stored on your phone, such as:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • SMS (Nice!)
  • Media (Pictures/videos/music)
  • Documents

At launch, MyPhone will allow 200 MB storage space for free, supported by advertising. Virtually any 6.0 or 6.1 Windows Mobile phone (either Professional or Standard version) will be able to take advantage of this service.

Here are some screenshots.



myphone2One last tidbit — multiple phones will be supported, so you can have 3 or even 4 phones on the same account if you prefer. However, the storage limit is still 200 MB total, not per phone.

via PocketPC Thoughts

Author: Brad Molen

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