Windows Mobile 6.5 Announced

Screenshots were leaked. People “in the know” said it would happen. Heck, even HTC spoiled the surprise ahead of Microsoft’s announcement. But we now finally have official confirmation from Microsoft itself — WinMo 6.5 does exist, and is on its way.

The new OS should be pre-installed on phones coming out in Q4 2009; sadly, it sounds as though no existing WinMo devices will be “officially” upgradeable. Not sure why though.

What’s new about Windows Mobile 6.5?

Here’s what:

  • Focus on Touch Friendliness with new Honeycomb Design
  • New version of Internet Explorer which adds zoom slider and frequently-used commands
  • New redesigned menus that can be used stylus-free
  • Fingerable contacts and home screens


It may not seem like a lot of feature changes, but they are important changes nonetheless. Many frustrations with WinMo in general may quite possibly be eliminated with this new version, but we’ll wait until we get some hands-on time with the OS to actually judge it.

Honestly, it’s only a short matter of time before we start seeing unofficial upgrades available — at least in our opinion anyway.

Sound off! Do you like the new features and styles? I, for one, think the honeycomb design makes a  lot of sense.

via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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