Vertu Constellation Pure phones have ceramic keypads

Vertu, Nokia’s luxury handset subsidiary, doesn’t seem to care about the economic downturn around the world and it keeps on launching uber-expensive mobile phones.

Its latest collection is called Vertu Constellation Pure and it includes handsets in four color versions: Pure White, Pure Black, Pure Silver and Pure Chocolate. Only 2,500 units of each color will be manufactured.

The phones are built from steel, leather and ceramics – actually, the whole keypad and the earpiece is made out of ceramic materials. It’s said that Vertu’s designers spent two years in order to create the perfectly-colored ceramic. 

The handsets’ features were not unveiled, but they’re probably similar to the ones found in the older Vertu Constellation phones, thus including quad-band GSM connectivity, Bluetooth and MMS.



The Constellation Pure collection is not yet featured on Vertu’s official website, but it will probably appear there in the next few days. Until then, you can ask yourself if €6,800 (around $8,560) is a good price for a Vertu Constellation Pure phone – because that’s how much one unit will cost.

The White and Black versions of Vertu Constellation Pure will be on sale starting March 1, while the Silver and Chocolate ones should be available in September.

Via ModelVita

Author: Ilinca Nita

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