A Nokia N95 prototype can check your breath for diseases

Applied Nanodetectors Ltd (AND), a UK-based company specialized in nanotechnology, has collaborated with Nokia in order to develop a mobile phone that can check your breath for detecting various diseases. 

Said phone is actually a Nokia N95 prototype which comes with an integrated AND chip.

Situated above the handset’s display (in the earpiece?), the chip features sensors that are capable of detecting gases like CO2, NOx and NH3 (ammonia). 
After determining the composition of your breath and tabulating the density of each gas, the chip matches the results with already-known characteristics of various illnesses, thus being able to detect them. The matching process is said to resemble fingerprint matching.


AND’s Nokia N95 was showcased in Tokyo, during the International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference (nano tech 2009). 

The British company says that it intends to market its new mobile product via Japanese carriers, as well as in Europe, with Nokia’s help. However, there are no exact details about when this will happen, and neither about the price of AND’s chip. 

Source: Tech-On

Author: Ilinca Nita

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