New Motorola ROKR phone leaked – E11, E12?

A new Motorola ROKR phone has just appeared in some leaked photos, looking pretty good and casting a ray of light on Moto’s future.    

The leaked handset doesn’t have a name for the moment. However, it resembles the Motorola E10 Texel, which was first spotted back in the autumn of 2007 but never got the chance to be officially announced – thus now it’s probably cancelled.
If we speculate a bit, this new phone could be called Motorola E11 or Motorola E12.

Anyway, regardless of its name, the handset looks like this:





Its display seems to be a touchscreen with a resolution higher than the standard 240 x 320 pixels one. What’s almost sure is that those three keys situated right under the display are touch-sensitive.
The handset’s photo camera looks like it’s a 3.2MP one. 

Other details about this new Moto ROKR phone are currently missing, but, hopefully, Motorola will announce it soon.

Source: Sbanzu (in Chinese) via JAMP Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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