Samsung Delve to Come With Mission: Impossible

It’s annoying to buy a phone and discover that only a wall charger and user manual come included in the box. We love to see phones come with extra goodies.

That’s why we’re glad to see Alltel offer a 2GB MicroSD card with the entire Mission: Impossible trilogy pre-installed with every Samsung Delve purchase.

“When you combine this incredible content with the Delve’s full set of powerful features, it’s easy to stay entertained and connected no matter where you are,” said Bill Ogle, Senior Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile.


Here’s how it works: anytime you purchase a Samsung Delve, send in a mail-in redemption form and you will receive the MicroSD card within 4-6 weeks. We wish it actually came included in the box, but we understand that Samsung and Paramount only struck this deal recently and there may not have been any time to get the cards thrown in each box.

Either way, at least the Delve comes with some perks. Perhaps, if successful, this will become a regular addition to other featured phones.

via Samsung

Author: Brad Molen

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