Android apps over $200 not accepted by Google; I Am Richer app costs that much, does nothing

Last week, paid apps begin to be sold via Google’s Android Market, offering Android users a wider range of applications to choose from and bringing the Market closer to Apple’s App Store (where both free and paid apps are available since the beginning). 

Well, it didn’t take long for a really expensive app to appear. It’s called “I Am Richer” and costs $200 – much more than the regular $1 to $25 prices.

What does I Am Richer do? Nothing, actually. So it highly resembles the $1,000 I Am Rich app launched for iPhone back in the summer of 2008 and eventually banned by Apple.
The author of I Am Richer, Mike DG, has described the application as follows:

“Prove your wealth to others by running this app and showing them the mesmerizing glowing crystal. Only those with the wealth and sense can show the world their glowing crystal.”


I find the description ridiculously funny, but, hey, some might like it and even buy the app.

Mike DG would have probably asked more for his work of art, but it looks like $200 is the highest price Google allows developers to charge for their apps. And that’s a good thing, I guess.  

Source: CNET

Author: Ilinca Nita

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