Steve Ballmer: Windows Mobile 7 will come in 2010

Although officially announced at MWC 2009, Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t out yet, and the first handsets to come with it will be available only starting the fourth quarter of the year.

But that doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t working on Windows Mobile 7. In fact, the Redmond company already knows when WM 7 will be release, and that’s no later than next year.

During yesterday’s Microsoft Strategic Update Meeting, Steve Ballmer, the company’s CEO, confirmed that the next Windows mobile platform will be ready in 2010. 

Talking about some of Microsoft’s plans, Mr. Ballmer said:

“We’re extending our offer to include not only the core platform, but applications and services. We’ve made a nice release announcement last week of Windows Mobile 6.5. We’ve got Windows Mobile 7 coming next year. We’re getting more and more synergy with Windows, so the browser improvements, et cetera, should be quite rapid.” 


(this is Windows Mobile 6.5)

For the moment, there are little details about what Windows Mobile 7 will offer. However, it’s said that this new OS would be Microsoft’s first truly groundbreaking mobile platform.

If you’re interested in what else Steve Ballmer said at the Microsoft Strategic Update Meeting, you can download a .doc file containing a lengthy transcript from here.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • thegeniusfiles

    Sweet! Just in time for me not to give a rat's ass.

  • thegeniusfiles

    Sweet! Just in time for me not to give a rat's ass.