BlackBerry Bold has overheating problems too; sales in Japan halted

Hey, AT&T Quickfire, you’re not the only QWERTY handset to have overheating problems. RIM’s high-end BlackBerry Bold has them too – at least in Japan.

The Bold was introduced last week in Japan by NTT DoCoMo, the country’s largest mobile operator, and 4,000 customers have bought it since then.

However, according to Reuters, DoCoMo received about 30 complaints saying that the smartphone’s keyboard area heats up more than it should (no injuries were reported though). In consequence, the Japanese carrier halted the sales until RIM solves the problem.

The Canadian manufacturer’s official statement is:

“This issue appears to be specifically limited to the BlackBerry Bold devices sold in Japan since last week and sales of BlackBerry Bold devices in other countries are unaffected by this matter.”


The cause of Bold’s overheating is still under investigation, said RIM.

Let’s hope the issue will be solved as soon as possible and no further reports about it appear, neither in Japan nor in any other country where the smartphone is available.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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