Palm Treo Pro to be outed by Alltel on March 5

For some odd reason, Sprint has still not launched the Palm Treo Pro, despite the fact that the smartphone appeared on its website back in January.

Now it looks like Alltel is going to release the Treo Pro this week, on March 5, thus becoming the first US mobile operator to carry the handset’s CDMA version.

According to Boy Genius Report, Alltel wants to sell the Treo Pro for $199, after a $125 rebate and with the signing of a 2-yr contract agreement.

Well, that’s cheaper than Sprint’s previously announced price ($249).


 Neither Alltel nor Palm have confirmed the release of Treo Pro, but this should happen any time soon – assuming the smartphone will indeed come to Alltel, of course.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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