Sprint Palm Treo Pro finally coming on March 15 for $199

Sprint has finally decided on a release date for the Palm Treo Pro, and that’s March 15.

The smartphone’s price will actually be lower than the one previously known: instead of $249, the Treo Pro will be sold for $199 – needless to say, that’s only together with a 2-yr contract agreement.

Of course, many customers probably wonder why would Sprint still launch the Treo Pro, when the Palm Pre is just around the corner.

Well, the answer is actually not that hard to guess: some users simply need a Windows Mobile handset. And I’m sure you already know that Treo Pro runs on WM 6.1, while the Pre will come with webOS on board.


Plus, the Treo Pro is far from being a device that you can overlook, since it comes with about anything you need from a smartphone, including a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS and Wi-Fi.

Now let’s hope Sprint will actually release the Pro on March 15, like it said it would.

Source: Sprint via the Official Palm Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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