New LG Phones Come to Light – GD330 and GB125

We know, we know — even a couple weeks after MWC you’re still in new phone mode, craving the latest talk about the newest handsets. And we at Unwired View don’t disappoint.

Our friends at Mobile Review have unearthed a pair of new LG handsets that should be coming to market sometime this month, the GD330 and GB125.

While there are not many details, we’ll fill you in on what we do know, including some nice pics.



The GD330 slider phone is slated to appear March 25, and is meant to carry on the look and style of the LG Secret. 2.2 inch screen, 2 MP camera (which means it is not necessarily an upgrade to the 5 MP camera in the Secret, just similar style), an FM radio and a pair of touch keys. Mobile Review rates the GD330 as “challenger”; sounds like it’s a winner.

Upon release it will be sold for 7500 Rubles ($200 US). No word on which markets will be selling it as of yet, but it is believed this will be targeted toward entry-level markets.


lg-gb125The GB125 appears to have the same date of availability as the GD330, and is a entry-level clamshell with FM radio, 1.5-inch screen, and features a 950 mAh battery. It’s pretty obvious this will be basic, considering there is not even a external screen to show who is calling. We are not even certain if there is a camera in this phone, as we could not find any information discussing it nor could we see any in the pictures.

Mobile Review rates this product as mediocre, meaning it doesn’t stand out from the crowd and will likely go to emerging and entry-level markets. The GB125 will be sold for 2500 RUB ($65).

More info as it emerges.

via Mobile Review

Author: Brad Molen

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  • ronald

    can i have this one for free????

  • ronald

    can i have this one for free????