Nokia commits to LTE, disses WiMAX

This is not exactly a surprise, but it’s definitely nice to hear a confirmation: Nokia has chosen LTE (Long Term Evolution) as its preferred network for future devices, and, according to GigaOM, it will release the first LTE products in 2010.

Speaking at a recent PCCA (Portable Computer and Communications Association) meeting, James Harper, Nokia’s senior manager of technology marketing, said about LTE that it’s the “preferred mobile broadband technology after HSPA.” 

Mr. Harper also talked about WiMAX, the LTE alternative that Sprint and Clearwire want to deploy, saying that it has drawbacks and it’s “a niche play”  thus we might not see any new Nokia WiMAX products in the near future.

For the moment, there are no exact details on Nokia’s LTE devices, so it’s possible for the Finnish giant to come up not only with LTE phones, but also with LTE laptops (since the company said it’s really interested in entering the laptop business).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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