Samsung Instinct Mini / Instinct S30 in leaked images?

Rumors about Sprint’s Samsung Instinct Mini have been around for sometime now, but there were no images with the handset so we couldn’t actually see it.

Well, today we have a couple of shots that are likely to present the Instinct Mini aka Samsung SPH-M810.

According to a thread from the Howard Forums, these pics are with the “new Instinct”, which is a bit smaller and more lightweight than the original one, although it has the same UI.

These do sound like the characteristics of an Instinct Mini, don’t they?



Sprint should announce the new handset sometime this spring, but it looks like “Instinct Mini” will not be its official moniker.

Instead, the phone could be called Samsung Instinct S30 – or at least that’s what PhoneArena says, quoting an anonymous source.

Regardless of its final name, this little Samsung does seem to be a cool handset. So let’s hope Sprint will launch it as soon as possible.


Author: Ilinca Nita

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