Verizon to launch Nokia Intrigue on March 15. AT&T’s Nokia E71, LG Zenon and Samsung Jackfrost coming soon too

We knew the Nokia 7205 Intrigue is part of Verizon Wireless’ 2009 line-up, but we had no clue on when it could be released.

Now it looks like Verizon plans to out the mid-end clamshell on March 15. Well, at least that’s what a leaked stock sheet appeared at Engadget says.  

The price of Nokia Intrigue is not specified, but it shouldn’t be too high if you get it on contract.

Verizon aside, there’s some good news for AT&T’s users as well.


First we have a so-called Jackfrost, which is said to be launched by the big blue carrier on March 29. There’s no mention about its manufacturer, but it looks like the handset is the Windows Mobile 6.1 Samsung i627:


(image via Mobile Mag)  

Nokia E71 should also be released by AT&T, on April 1. The Eseries smartphone appears as “E71 Charcoal”, so it’s most probably the E71x we saw in live pics back in November. 

Furthermore, there’s an LG Zenon coming to AT&T as well, on April 10. This sounds like that LG Xenon we saw a while back, so you should expect it to pack a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

And finally, the leaked sheet also says Sprint will start selling the Palm Treo Pro on March 15, but that isn’t a secret anymore.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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